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Before I had my son Mason, I would travel practically every weekend. In the left picture I was visiting New York City. What a change from Nashville. I'm a southern girl at heart but I do live the fast-paced nature of NYC.

You get a burst of energy from seeing everyone else so busy. On this blog I will give parenting tips as a mom, specifically a single mom raising a boy. As much as I love singing in dive bars, I have to give up these dreams to provide for my son.

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Ashley Stevenson


Hi my name is Ashley, I'm a single mom of 1 living in Nashville, Tennessee. My son Mason and I live in a small 2 bedroom apartment in music city. When my parents can watch my son I go to the Grand Opry, and listen to other musicians in dive bars. I'm a free spirit by nature but I love my son and he is my first priority, always.