Monitoring Online Activity

How Important is an Employee Monitoring Mobile App?

What are the employee monitoring tools that can be used on mobile phones, and how beneficial are they? There are several mobile apps available on the market today that can help an employer monitor their employees’ cell phone activity, and they can be valuable and effective tools to improve productivity and avoid bad workplace practices.

Is Monitoring Employees Acceptable?

Monitoring employees has long been an accepted practice in the workplace. It’s recognized as a commonplace and indispensable method of ensuring that company polices are followed, tasks or project goals are being met, and also to help employers make assessments regarding productivity and how company resources are being used.

Normally, the monitoring of employees is generally considered legal in the United States, and oftentimes go by unchecked. It is reasonable to assume that a company may employ monitoring methods on their employees that are using company-owned equipment, including computers, workstations, and any electronic devices. Therefore, an employer may read, watch, and listen to any communication taken and sent while inside the workplace. Sometimes, this will extend to an employee’s personal communication as well.

While the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) provides protection against the interception of digital and electronic communications, it also carries a business exception stating that employers are allowed to “intercept communications” on systems/equipment that is provided or owned by the employer.

How Important is an Employee Monitoring Mobile App to Employers?

In its basic form, employee monitoring is simply the collection of data pertaining to an employee’s activities within the workplace setting. This may include information that involves an employee’s performance, assigned tasks, the results or outcome of assigned tasks, communications received and sent, online activity, current location, and more.

Aside from evaluating online activity, one of the most important benefits an employee monitoring mobile app can give employers is to help them prevent or correct bad workplace practices. This includes the two most significant problems a company will typically face:

  1. Data leakage – Corporate espionage and sabotage is still a real thing, even more so in today’s modern world. When an unauthorized employee steals and sends any kind of confidential information from within the company to an external recipient, that is considered as data leakage. The financial and industrial damage that data theft can cause to a business can be seriously huge.
  • Wasted man-hours – Studies show that the average employee spends around one to four hours each day (sometimes even more) doing nothing that can be considered as work, and that an estimated 3% of employees waste more than eight hours in the workplace. That translates to an estimated $50,000 worth of company time lost every year (more or less) just because one or two of your employees love playing mobile games instead of working.

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