How to Be Happy in the Information Age

There’s difficulty in learning how to find real joy in the 21st century when rapid developments in technology have taken over almost every aspect of communication. Sometimes the highlight of your birthday is getting greeted by your friends with a couple of emojis. At one point in your 21st-century life, you wonder if there’s anything to be happy about. Behavioral scientists have studied what makes humans happy and by changing a few things in your life can help you achieve contentment and ultimately happiness.

Mind Reconditioning

The first step to achieving happiness in life is to recondition your mind. Social media has allowed us to see almost everything in the world at one. You’ll know that your cousin Sheila at least 200 miles away is about to give birth. You will also see posts about wars and famine happening on the other side of the globe and your mind tends to stick on the negative things more than positive things.

It is advised however to accept the fact that anything can happen in the world and it’s not your fault. 7 billion people in the world exist and even 1% of the population near that earthquake in Japan can help as opposed to you living almost halfway around the world.  Bad things are bound to happen to other people and if you are not in any position to help, then don’t sweat it.

Helping where it Counts

It’s really tempting to log on the internet and signing a signature campaign or donating 1 dollar to a cause. These don’t really satisfy your soul. When doing acts of kindness, focus more on your own surroundings. Helping others is a noble thing but start helping yourself first. Look at yourself and do what you can to improve then spread out to your family, neighbors and friends. These have more impact and can be more satisfying to the soul than clicking websites.

Take that First Step

Depression can often debilitate you. Many times, people who are depressed don’t want to move and get up from their beds. They often think of everything that lies before them that they become anxious and stiff. Someone dreading going to work often thinks about the mean co-workers pile of documents waiting on the desk. Instead of thinking of things that you haven’t met yet, try to focus on what’s in front of you.

Take the first step out of bed.  Then step to the bathroom to clean yourself up. Then to the kitchen to prepare food. And before you know it, you’re riding an Uber to work. Sometimes, it’s all about taking that first step that’s important in conquering depression before one learn how to find real joy in their lives.

Optimism trumps Pessimism

There’s another form of mind reconditioning that is just as important. Optimism is force that can dispel gloom. We’re not talking about denial where you ignore problems in life. Optimism is the acceptance that there is a problem but there’s also a solution or many solutions for it. Solutions will present themselves if you are optimistic.

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