Mobile Software for Employee Monitoring

If you’re looking for software for employee monitoring, you need to get the one that offers the best features you can actually use for whatever purpose you need it for. There is a plethora of monitoring software out in the market nowadays that claim to be the best at what they do, but what you really need to take a look at is how a particular software can help you monitor your employees in whatever way you want.

There are software that can be used to monitor employees using computers or workstations at the office, and there are also mobile apps for monitoring employees and their cell phone activities. For now, let’s talk about mobile software you can use to monitor your employees’ cell phone activities.

What is employee monitoring?

This is the practice of observing and checking employee activity and locations within a workplace setting. Generally, a company will employ monitoring methods in order to evaluate and measure productivity, usage of company resources, and also secure important and confidential information. The two major benefits it gives a business are the ability to prevent poor or troublesome workplace practices, and the ability to correct mistakes and/or reduce the potential damage to the company stemming from bad workplace behavior.

Types of employee monitoring methods

Here are the three most common forms of employee monitoring that businesses usually use in the workplace:

  • Phone calls – It’s commonplace for companies to record and monitor outgoing and incoming calls that go through their phone systems. If a company issues phones to their employees, you can expect that any activity on those phones will also be monitored. How your employees interact and communicate on the phone with clients, customers, and other people can play a huge role in the success or failure of your business.
  • Email and voicemail – Not all companies monitor their employees’ email and/or voicemail, but enough of them do so. This allows management to observe, analyze, and anticipate potential risks and problems before they become a reality. Being able to keep track of emails and voicemails can also help a lot when settling critical disputes, although voicemails is now on its way to becoming obsolete.
  • Workforce location – Not all businesses have staff that do field work, but a significant portion of American companies do employ personnel that spend a significant portion of company hours traveling. Depending on the type of business, keeping track of where those mobile employees are at any given time allows management to evaluate staffing schedules, delivery timetables and routes, etc. and also lets them troubleshoot problems if necessary.
  • Browsing history – Of course, employers will always assume that their staff will be browsing the internet whenever they have the opportunity and inclination to do so. Monitoring the browsing history of your employees will let you see how they are spending their time online, which websites they are going to, and how frequent those visits are. Some businesses will even have restrictions about which websites their employees can or cannot visit while on company time, so monitoring can be very helpful here as well.

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