Monitoring Online Activity

Monitoring Apps: Is there a Need for Monitoring Employee Online Activity?

Business owners who have not yet tried using one are probably going “How does an employee monitoring software work and where can I get a good one?” because of their need to make sure their employees are actually doing work in the workplace. You probably know what most managers complain about. Yes, they grumble about their employees not performing all that well at work. Mind you, most employees probably do work and waste little time, but there is the odd egg in every basket and that odd egg costs the company money.

Why Employees Should be Monitored.

There are Three Main Reasons Why Employees Should be Monitored.

  • The first involves productivity and loss of resources. Many of them waste their time (actually the company’s time) playing games on their phones, doing social media, or watching cat videos for hours on end. These time-wasters are the reason why companies lose a lot of money. Imagine having one or two members of your team wasting 1.5 hours on time-wasters on a daily basis. If you’re paying them $11 per hour, you will be looking at a loss of $27,000 a year. That’s a steep price.

  • The second concerns employee safety. You need to track where employees in the field are every chance you get. These employees may be exposed to dangers like power lines if your company is a contractor that works with the electric company. Or your delivery guys bringing stuff to your customers out of town could encounter dangerous roads and other hazards. You need to make sure that at every check in they are wherever they are supposed to be or they have a reason for a detour. It’s not a good habit paying for insurance and other damages if your employee gets injured.

  • The third has to do with company security. Although your company might have its own domain where data and information is stored, there is no knowing when someone might think that leaking secrets to competitors is a good idea. And to prevent that, you need to have a monitoring software that can alert the system whenever somebody is sending an email to an unauthorized domain or doing social media while at work (yes, because these sites have apps that can send and receive files).

 Getting a reliable monitoring device that can track employees while they are online is a very valuable tool for a business owner. Investing in one can help boost productivity by deterring employees from using time-wasters. They can also help secure any and all data that the company has in its servers. But employers need to make sure that the app comes from a reliable source, one that is trusted by many.

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