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Teaching Kids To Incorporate Technology

Kids & Technology

There’s a debate with many parents about how much technology is good for children. Some parents believe the more technology the better, while others believe there is little good to technology. However, teaching kids to incorporate technology into their lives can only help them in the future. Not every child has the ability to have a computer or iPad, so take advantage of what you have. You may not want your kid playing Call of Duty Black Ops 1111, but there are educational apps.


teaching kids
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Some parents don’t want their children using technology just because they didn’t grow up with them. The truth is, the world is growing and thriving with technology. While previous generations are not used to it, the children of today depend on it. In classrooms many teachers use smart boards to demonstrate lessons. Offices use computers to show presentations of their work to others. But completely limiting technology is not a good idea. Even though you use a cell phone spy app on occasion. 


Teaching Kids About It

If your child doesn’t know much about technology, it is not too late. You can still catch them up before they fall behind their friends and classmates. Without these skills in technology, children won’t be as prepared in Middle School and beyond. They will be behind the learning curve when it comes to technology, and education and jobs are very competitive. 

I’m not supporting unfiltered and unsupervised access to technology. Parents should be monitoring what their kids are watching and looking up online. They should spend some time on those devices and know how to use them. Spending time on the computer isn’t bad, as long as that time is used to encourage learning and creativity. 


teaching kids
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Which Technology Is Best?

It is proven that giving kids access to technology does increase their problem-solving skills, focus and memory. Technology can also teach kids how to cooperate with others which is important as you progress in school. Before you make the decision to limit your children’s technology, do some research. Read about the many ways that technology can be beneficial